Converting Environmental Challenges
into Business Opportunities




What We Do

InFEWsion develops renewable energy projects that produce electricity in a manner that is environmentally and economically sound.  InFEWsion applies its pioneering experience to all aspects of project development, from project inception through completion of construction and operations. We have  expertise in the following areas:

• Site identification

• Renewable energy resource assessment and energy output projections

• Completion of flexible, mutually beneficial agreements with stakeholders

• Site design and site layout optimization

• Project permitting with local, state and federal agencies

• Securing interconnection agreements with utilities and system operators

• Origination of power sales agreements with utilities and power marketers

• Optimizing equipment selection and negotiating equipment supply and warranty agreements

• Negotiating turnkey construction services contracts

• Project financing

• Construction management

• Operations and maintenance

• Asset management

Our Philosophy

Partnering effectively with key stakeholders to execute high-­quality renewable energy is our primary goal. We take a collaborative approach to project development and problem solving because, as experienced entrepreneurs and technologists, we have learned to nimbly make the necessary choices to deliver the highest quality and best value projects,

We believe that our best work is done with intense focus on quality along with timely project completion. We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to take a broad view of the sustainable energy project life cycle.

Our dedication to quality is grounded in the necessary time to fine-­tune technologies and financial models, thus delivering quality projects with lower investment costs. And successful projects result in opportunities to create substantial spending value to our clients and stakeholders.

We work as a multidisciplinary team with a holistic view supported by a breadth of experience.

Our team, comprised of experts in project development, finance, permitting, engineering, transmission/interconnection, land, marketing, construction and operations, is individually and collectively focused on driving growth and delivering value.


Why Solar

Solar power is a vast, free and renewable resource that can be used to produce electricity. Solar-generated electricity produces

no greenhouse gases or emissions of any kind. Solar energy is a commercially-proven, rapidly growing form of electricity generation. There are numerous advantages to using the sun to produce electricity.

It’s renewable: ​Solar photovoltaics (PV) use a renewable, non-­depletable, and non-­polluting fuel – sunlight to produce electricity.􏰀

It has fewer environmental impacts than fossil fuel or nuclear power plants: ​P​V systems create no pollution and generate no waste products when operating. No mining or transportation of fossil fuels are required to generate electricity from the sun.

It’s a source of peak power: ​Electricity is most valuable when it is delivered at the times of highest demand. In most parts of the country, peak demand occurs between the months of April and October and from late morning to late afternoon during the day.

This is exactly when PV projects produce the most power.

It’s a proven technology and growing rapidly in the U.S. and worldwide: ​P​hotovoltaics were invented in 1954, and their performance and operating characteristics are well understood. There are more than 250,000 megawatts (MW) of PV systems operating worldwide, while PV installations continue to grow rapidly each year.

It’s reliable and requires little maintenance: ​Photovoltaic systems have been operating for more than 50 years. PV systems are reliable, and their maintenance costs are low.

It’s a hedge against fossil fuels’ volatile prices and increasing environmental compliance costs: ​B​ecause sunlight, the fuel for photovoltaic power projects, is free, there is no uncertainty about fluctuating fuel prices. Because no CO2 pollutants or waste are generated by PV projects, there are no waste disposal costs or costs to control the emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.



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The InFEWsion name and mission is focused on the intersection and ecosystem of Food, Energy, and Water - with clean, renewable and affordable energy at the core. While our primary focus and experience is in the commercial and industrial solar energy industry, we have built an ecosystem of technology, financial, and legal partners in order to deliver holistic business solutions to our clients. In fact, it has been our clients who have helped us shape our mission and the resources necessary to help them solve their business challenges.

We're experienced bringing the most complex projects to a successful outcome, from early stage evaluation and financing, to system design, equipment procurement, construction and commissioning, as well as ongoing operations and maintenance.

We are committed to demonstrating honesty and transparency in all of our business activities. We place the highest value on the relationships we have with our clients, partners,vendors, and investors, believing that our success depends on true, hands-on partnerships defined by mutual respect, committed support and integrity.


Our team has developed over $350 million in renewable energy projects for clients including:


✪ Town of Acton

✪ Newton Public Schools
✪ Mass Museum of Contemporary Art
✪ Truss Engineering

✪ H & B Realty Management
✪ City of Lowell Landfill

✪ Gold Crust Bakery
✪ Guido’s Fresh Marketplace
✪ St Alban’s Correctional Facility
✪ City of Melrose

✪ Town of West Bridgewater

✪ Behavioral Health Networks
✪ Cupcake Wines

✪ Jacobsen & Company

✪ Blue Sky Solar

✪ Town of Carver


The InFEWsion ecosystem is a closely knit portfolio of technologists,manufacturers,financial providers,legal specialists,engineers and construction experts. Our depth of talent and capabilities ensures our clients of best-in-class turn-key solutions. We are proud to provide a partial list of our top partners:

Alternative Energy

Development Group

Green Energy Construction and Consulting

Amberjack Solar

RBI Solar

Sunlight General Capital

Tangent Energy Solutions

Arc Design and Consulting


Heliovaas / PelleVerde Capital



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